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Palestinian Christian Elias Chacour is the Archbishop of Nazareth and Galilee of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. He has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on reconcilation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. In 2010 he delivered the innaugural lecture of the BibleLands charity at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.
Celebrated author and outspoken feminist Fay Weldon is famous for the feisty femme fatale characters in her novels. You can now add Christian to that list. In the year 2000, at 69 years old, Weldon was baptised in St Paul's Cathedral. She continues as a working writer. Photoshoot from 2010. Click here to see video.
Bob Foster left his life as a successful manager in Oxfordshire to work as a missionary on one of Britain's most deprived council estates, in Leigh near Wigan. He works under the auspices of the Eden Network an outreach organisation specialising in under-developed urban areas in the UK.
The Revd Canon Dr Michael Green is one of the world's leading evangelists and pastor and evangelist at The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He is the author of more than 50 books. Past experiences include being rector of St Aldates Church, Oxford and advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was 80 at the time of the article, July 2010.
King's Arms Church, a 500-strong Newfrontiers in Bedford practices Treasure Hunting, a form of supernatural evangelism pioneered by Kevin Dedmon of Bethel Church, Redding in California. Treasure Hunting involves praying for clues (names, places, ailments, unique features) which guide you to people on the street who need prayer.
Bishop Cray
Graham Alan Cray is the Team Leader of Fresh Expressions and Archbishops' Missioner. He is the chairman of Soul Survivor. Photoshoot from November 2009.
Heidi Baker
Heidi HeidiHeidi HeidiHeidi HeidiHeidi HeidiHeidi HeidiHeidi BakerHeidi Baker
Heidi Baker is director of Iris Ministries, an interdenominational mission. She left her native America to work in Mozambique. Photoshoot from August 2009.
Katei Kirby
Katei KirbyKatei KirbyKatei KirbyKatei KirbyKatei Kirby
Katie Kirby was chief executive of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA) in the UK at the time of the interview and photoshoot in October 2008
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