The Trans Asia Express

Istanbul to Tehran. 74 hours, 3000km, 2 trains, 1 ferry. October 2009. Born in Iran, but a South African citizen living in the United Kingdom, I have always been keen to return to the land where I was born. And what better way to do it than by train? In this case my wife and I took the Trans-Asia Express from Istanbul to Tehran, a journey lasting three days and nights including a five hour ferry ride across the beautiful Lake Van in Turkey.

Fay Weldon (Christianity Magazine)

Celebrated author and outspoken feminist Fay Weldon is famous for the feisty femme fatale characters in her novels. We can now add Christian to that list. In the year 2000, at 69 years old, Weldon was baptised in St Paul's Cathedral. She continues as a working writer. Photoshoot from 2010.

Auschwitz (The Baptist Times)

I visited Auschwitz as a guest of the Holocaust Educational Trust in March 2010. Auschwitz is actually made up of three camps: Auschwitz I was a concentration camp where Jews were housed as prisoners; Auschwitz II (also known as Birkenau) was a death camp; and Auschwitz III which was a series of factories making up a labour camp. To see photos

The Wave (The Baptist Times)

The Wave was a protest march organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition in London on Saturday December 5, 2009. 50,000 people took to the streets to call on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to tackle environmental concerns at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. To see photos.